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(GMT)02 FEB 2017 LIELAEH:  The Adachi Museum of Art is a museum in Yasugi, in the Furukawa-Cho region, devoted to modern Japanese art, also famous for its Zen gardens. Free Shuttle Buses depart from JR Yasugi Station.The Shuttle Bus carries 28 passengers max.
The museum was founded in 1980 by the businessman Adachi Zenko to publicly display his collection of paintings by the 20th century artist Yokoyama Taikan as well the Japanese gardens Adachi had personally designed.
Adachi felt a strong resonance between the sublime sensibility of the Japanese-style garden and the paintings of Yokoyama Taikan which he wished visitors to experience. Adachi constructed his Japanese garden with the hope that through its seasonal expression of natural beauty visitors would be inspired to view Taikan’s paintings with a renewed sense of appreciation. This new appreciation would then lead to increased interest in the works of other Japanese painters, fulfilling Adachi’s hope that visitors would be “moved by beauty.”"