Travel Information about Italia and Milano

(GMT)30 JAN 2017 TOGGE:  The Last Supper mural by Leonardo DaVinci, one of Milan’s most popular tourist attractions
The masterpiece is Housed in the Dominican convent of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The painting was used as a target for some of Napoleons soldiers. 'During the Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon’s soldiers bunked in Santa Maria della Grazie. When they got bored, they used The Last Supper for target practice, with Jesus’s face as the bullseye. They hit the mark at least a couple of times, but the mural has since been restored.' -check out the link below for more history of the church and the painting.
Trvalers will need to book in advance, preferably weeks beforehand, because of the mural’s terrible upkeep, only 25 people can view it at once in 15 minute increments to keep the room at a stable temperature.