Travel Information about Czech Republic and Prague

(GMT)22 JAN 2017 APTE:  With more than six million books, the Clementinum's collection is huge and includes copies of every book published in the Czech Republic.
Situated just a few steps from the Old Town Square a highlight is the exquisite Baroque Library Hall with its beautiful ceiling artwork, the 68-meter-tall Astronomical Tower with its spectacular views over Prague, and the splendid Mirror Chapel with its exquisite décor
Its history dates back to the Middle Ages and a Dominican convent, which was transformed into a Jesuit college in 1556. Since than the complex underwent many changes, most of them being finished around the 18th century, this image was well preserved till nowadays. And that is one of the reasons why Klementinum is valued as a mixture of styles beginning with Baroque as far as to Classicism. This fact makes the whole complex very unique. Covering more than 20,000 square metres, it is one of the largest complexes of buildings in Europe.