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Travel Information about UK and London

(GMT)12 JAN 2017 FORG47:  A list of words you’ll usually only hear in London.
Tube = London Underground Network
The Knowledge = The cumulative knowledge of London’s black cab drivers that they have to learn to be licensed. They have to learn every street in London.
Boris Bus = Boris Johnson’s key platform of replacing the old London Routemaster bus.
The Standard = What some call the Evening Standard – the evening paper dedicated to London.
The City = The City of London – the square mile bit of central London that goes back 2 thousand years.
Square Mile = The City of London also
Congestion Charge = Tax on all cars entering the central London congestion charge zone.
Silicon Roundabout = Area around Old Street that’s a hub for new media and tech companies.
Council Estate = Public housing
The Blitz = Period in 1940 when London was bombed by the Nazis
M25 = The Orbital Highway that encircles London
Westway = Elevated Highway in West London
Mind the Gap = Watch your step when stepping from a train to a platform.
The Palace = When someone says the Palace they’re almost always referring to Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official residence in London.
Buck House = Buckingham Palace
The Tower = Tower of London
A-Z = A popular London map guide.............

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