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(GMT)08 JAN 2017 CALE5:  Amalfi Coast is a lesser known but beautiful place. Sorrento is a common base for visiting the Amalfi Coast. It is easily accessible from Naples by train or bus.
From Sorrento you can take an exhilarating bus ride along the the steep twists and turns of the coast line past cantilevered classic architecture. It may be worthwhile to invest the extra money for a private driver in order to enjoy the experience at your own pace. You can also arrange boat excursions along the coast along and among its small harbors. For those in a hurry, you can travel one way from Sorrento to Amalfi in just over an hour. Allow 2 hours travel time from Sorrento to Solerno, but without stopping, you will miss the essence of the Amalfi Coast.