Travel Information about France and Paris

(GMT)08 JAN 2017 LIELAEH:  The central cemetery of Paris, Cimetière du Père Lachaise is one of the largest and the most important historic cemeteries of France.
There are plenty of famous people buried on its 110 acre territory. Those include the artist Delacroix, a famous Polish composer Chopin, the writer Oscar Wilde, and even the famous rock-musician rebel Jim Morrison..........
In its early years Père Lachaise" was a poor district, with many outlaws, winding streets and shady avenues. It is located on the hill of Champ 'Evêque", where a wealthy merchant first built his home in 1430. In the 17th century the Jésuits, acquired the home and converted it into a hospice for members of their order.
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