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Travel Information about Switzerland and Geneve

(GMT)20 DEC 2016 TRIUNCLEE:  Here is a list of Christmas Market around Geneva.
20 November: Grand-Saconnex, traditional Swiss Christmas celebration.
21 November: Confignon Christmas markets
22 November – 24 December: City of Geneva – three small city markets, Mont-Blanc, Place de la Fusterie and Quai Général Guisan.
26 November: Meinier Christmas Market.
27-28 November: Confignon, artisan market and food vendors, Santa and other kids activities.
28 November: Vandoeuvres Christmas Market.
28 November: Bernex, canton Geneva.
28-29 November: Chêne-Bourg, a fun artisan market, food stalls, concerts and kids activities, with separate indoor and outdoor areas.
5-6 December: Cologny (Take TPG bus A). The town offers a jazz concert, free parking and open stores on Sunday.
6 December: Cartigny Christmas Market.
6 December: Fête du Sapin, Avully – wine tasting and Christmas tree shopping & Santa’s visit!
12-13 December: Grand Lancy, includes one evening with kids activities.
12-14 December: Carouge – stores open in the evening on 30 November, 7,14 and 21 December. There is also an ice skating rink and kids activities.
17 December: Corsier (Take TPB bus G), market includes a Christmas tree sale.
18 December: Puplinge

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