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(GMT)27 NOV 2016 SORALY:  In the shadow of the Pyrenees Mountains, there is a medieval town called Aínsa.
The town of Ainsa, capital of the Sobrarbe, is situated in an excellent location between the Natural Park of Sierra and Canyons of Guara, Benasque Valley and the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.
Built in 724, in a charming location where the two rivers Ara and Cina meet, the old walls of Ainsa remain in tact today. Aínsa can be found in the Spanish province of Huesca, in the community of Aragon. It was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Sobrarbe.
A highlight of a visit to this town is undoubtedly the Aínsa Castle, which is found at one end of the Plaza de San Salvador. Parts of the castle are from the 11th century, although much of the building comes from the 16th century. Two of the towers of the castle itself have been transformed into museums: the Ecomuseo, where you can learn more about the Pyrenees, and the Espacio del Geoparque de Sobrarbe.