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(GMT)26 NOV 2016 PILGE2:  Kumano Kodo: walking Japan’s ancient Camino
Autumn colours, hot springs, outstanding food and Japan's tallest waterfall make this ideal trekking season in Japan
The 133m Nachi-no-Otaki – Japan’s highest waterfall – seen from Nachi Taisha grand shrine, at 133-meters high, is the biggest waterfall in Japan.
The beautiful Kumano region in the southern reaches of the Kii Peninsula is one of Japan’s oldest sacred sites and has been a pilgrimage mecca for centuries. It is blessed with verdant mountains, aweinspiring waterfalls, a rugged coastline, soothing hot springs, and rich traditional culture. For over 1000 years, the continuous footsteps of innumerable devoted pilgrims searching for healing and salvation at Kumano have forged pilgrimage routes called Kumano Kodo. Journey these historical World Heritage trails to Discover Japan’s spiritual roots.