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(GMT)17 NOV 2016 LAUA10:  Ching's Pond
Have you ever been cliff jumping?
Water Temperature Averages
Winter 72.1°F
Spring 74.9°F
Summer 76.1°F
Fall 75.6°F
About 8/10 mile past mile marker 16 on the Hana Highway, a bridge crosses Palauhulu stream (the same stream that empties into the ocean at Ke'anae Peninsula below). Beneath the bridge is a series of pristine (sapphire) pools that you won't be able to view from the road.
There are many places where streams cross under the road, that are also beautiful, but what makes this place special is the easy access to the waterfall and the beautiful and verdant surrounds.
The legend says the only people that frequent Ching's Pond are daredevils wishing to tempt fate with a leap into the pond below. This is not the whole story. On more than one occasion, we've seen families picnicking and enjoying the lower pond area, with the idea that this is the destination location that they chose to spend their day.