Travel Information about Netherlands and Amsterdam

(GMT)15 NOV 2016 OMAR6P:  People are not well aware of the fact that there is a zoo(Natura Artis Magistra) in Amsterdam.
The name of the Zoo, Natura Artis Magistra, stands for a Latin phrase “Nature is the teacher of art and science”. Located in the city center of Amsterdam, it is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands.
The zoo was founded in 1838, near the centre of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. The principal founder of Artis, G.F. Westerman, had brought Rijndert Draak and his unique collection of stuffed animals to the Plantage district of Amsterdam.
The 19th century atmosphere of Artis Royal Zoo pervades the gardens. It derives not only from the presence of twenty monumental buildings, but also from the various statues, authentic larger-than-life Buddhas, garden vases, and other features associated with classically laid-out gardens.