Travel Information about UK and London

(GMT)28 OCT 2016 RONNET60:  London is known for its rich theater culture. It’s also known for sky-high prices. However, it’s possible to get tickets to popular shows on the cheap. For example, I’m a big fan of buying day tickets. Each theater has different rules, but the basic idea is you turn up when the box office opens the morning of the show and are able to purchase a limited number of tickets at reduced prices.
It’s often possible to get great seats as well! Before you rush out to buy, it’s important to know that available tickets and sales are usually limited. For example, the National Theatre limits sales to two tickets per person. Also, the more popular the show, the earlier you’ll have to arrive. Dedicated theatre fans will line up outside the theater as early as 6 A.M. Still, you won’t be complaining when your sitting front and center at this seasons’ hottest show!
For more information on buying tickets from the National Theater, check out this link:
Also, if waking up early isn’t your thing, here are more tips on nabbing cheap tickets to the shows you want to see: