Travel Information about Italia and Roma

(GMT)09 OCT 2016 TERW:  Campo de’ Fiori Marekt in Rome, Italy
A great starting point to see the “real” Rome and to breathe in its neighborhood life is Campo de’ Fiori, which translates to “field of flowers”. Campo de’ Fiori is more than just a famous square (or piazza) located not far from Piazza Navona and neighboring Piazza Farnese; it’s a place that remains very busy at every hour of the day and night. As early as six in the morning, farmers, local producers and crafters begin unloading their little “Apecar” (a very conveniently sized three wheeler) and setting up their stalls across the square. Within a couple of hours, Campo de’ Fiori becomes a lively open-air market which offers fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, jams, liquors, trinkets of all sorts, and so much more. Everyone behind the stalls is just waiting to explain to the more curious visitors their specialty and their methods of production in great detail.