Travel Information about Italia and Napoli

(GMT)08 OCT 2016 LOY64S:  Pizza time
"Before the “modern” acceptation of pizza – originating in Naples, Italy – the Persians and the Egyptians baked a flat bread that would resemble an archaic pizza. The word first appeared in a 997 AD Gaetan writing. But the poet Virgilius quoted this food in the 1st century BC, naming it the “cake of flour”.
Even before that, the Romans ate panis focacius, a flat bread that seems to coincide with today’s focaccia. True, toppings are a relatively new innovation, but the “base” is ancient! Archeologists have also found ovens dating back to 7000 BC in Sardinia, so it wouldn’t be wrong to assume people baked bread and pizza back then." more at the link below