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(GMT)01 SEP 2016 TJIU3S:  Kabuki is a style of play which became popular in the Edo era (1603 to 1868). It has more than 400 years of history and a variety of themes.
Kabuki is very stylized, unlike the realistic performances of most modern theatre styles.(follow the link below for more in depth information)
The below is the list of various venues that show Kabuki plays
Kabukiza (Ginza, Tokyo),
Shinbashi Enbujo (Ginza, Tokyo),
The National Theater (Hanzomon, Tokyo),
Asakusa Public Hall (Asakusa, Tokyo),
Osaka Shochikuza (Namba, Osaka),
Kyoto Shijo Minamiza (Gion Shijo, Kyoto),
Hakataza (Nakasu-Kawabata, Fukuoka),
Kanamaruza (Kotohira, Kagawa).
And the below is where the simultaneous audio guide interpretations is offered.
Shinbashi Enbujo,
The National Theater,
Asakusa Public Hall,
Osaka Shochikuza and Kyoto Shijo Minamiza. Shinbashi Enbujo and The National Theater