Travelinter is for the interaction among backpackers and travelers. Users of Travelinter can share any sort of information by posting questions, answers, stories, photos, travel tips, travel advice, recommendations, informational links, etc...... You wouldn't need to go around to find travel information anymore. Sometimes a piece of information makes a big difference! There are many operators who provide airport transfer service from Geneva to Chamonix. Vans and mini buses are most popular option. There were bunch of websites but it took quite a while for me to find how long it takes. See the below journey time. 1hr 10 mins to 1 hr 30 mins between Geneva and Chamonix 1hr to 1 hr 30 mins between Geneva and Les Houches / ServMap of New York City's most popular attractions to plot your travel itinerary. Interesting facts about Spain. Did you know? there are 53 World Heritage sites and 13 cities in Spain. Travel Time by taxis to Paris. 40 minutes to 50 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport, 25 to 35 minutes from Orly airport Orly airport is much closer to Paris. There is another option, a train called PER. There is not much difference in travel time compared to taxis. Things to do in DublinTrains from Bangkok to Ayutthaya Local trains leave from Bangkok Hua Lamphong every hour with no reservation required. Journey time approximately 1h45m. Fare 15 baht. Air-conditioned express trains take approximately 1h15m and leave less frequent. These require a reservation to be made. FYILake Lucerne map. If you take a boat cruise you can stop by and visit most of the small village around the lake. Lake Pernica in SloveniaThe variety of Italian coffee. How many have you tried? Me always just cappuccino please..... Try something special for your own taste and choice.Geneva from the high above.Avignon area mapEdinburgh and Edinburgh Station I think Edinburgh Station is one of the most beautiful stations in Europe. It has got its own atmosphere. Tourist attractions in Paris Boboli Gardens, ‪Florence‬.Train route in Ireland The big network of canals (Khlong) is a one of transportation options in Bangkok. The network is extensive all ending in the big river, Chao Phraya River.Known as the ‘City of Three Cultures’, Toledo boasts an amazing architectural heritage