Travelinter is for the interaction among backpackers and travelers. Users of Travelinter can share any sort of information by posting questions, answers, stories, photos, travel tips, travel advice, recommendations, informational links, etc...... You wouldn't need to go around to find travel information anymore. Sometimes a piece of information makes a big difference! florida driving distancesCastelluccio, ItaliaAlabama New Jersey Lighthouses map. Visit the link and click each lighthouse then you can find details about the lighthouse. St Fagans is one of Europe's best open-air museums with over 40 historic buildings to choose from. There are buildings from various eras throughout Welsh history. It's in the west of the city of Cardiff in the grounds of St Fagans Castle which was erected in the 15th century. amsterdam metro mapThe Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway. Follow the link and find more info.Washington DC Tourist Map.Yangon Circle Train. This train journey makes a circular route around the outskirts of the city and back through the downtown center. This journey will bring you into a World of difference and a direct look into commuter life for the Yangon population. A complete navigation takes around 3 hours. Why don't you try! ArizonaCemoro Lawang, north-east of Mount Bromo (East Java)Map of State Parks in Minnesota The Sleepy Japanese Town Built Inside an Active Volcano It’s been about 230 years since the last eruption killed half the population. But locals won't let the volcano dictate their future. Aogashima’s inhabitants are willing to take that risk. Find more story on the link below.Salzach River at Night, Salzburg AUSTRIAPacific Crest Trail. Follow the link for a bigger downloadable map and a man's story who's done this PCT. The story on the link starts 'David Crough’s leg finally collapsed.' In trail lingo, that means finishing the 2,650-mile trek from Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia to the small town of Campo on the Mexican border in one pass......... Kawasan Canyoning, you can experience this extreme sport in Cebu. The excitement of this canyoning is that traveling down a river situated in a canyon by a variety of means including scrambling, floating, swimming, trekking and abseiling. The canyoning would take 2 to 3 hours.There may be some people whose destination is Portland because of the television series “Portlandia". If you are one of them be sure to make your way to the Hawthorne District. There you will see hipsters and hippies mingling on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, lined with an eclectic mix of vintage shops and cafes..