Travelinter is for the interaction among backpackers and travelers. Users of Travelinter can share any sort of information by posting questions, answers, stories, photos, travel tips, travel advice, recommendations, informational links, etc...... You wouldn't need to go around to find travel information anymore. Sometimes a piece of information makes a big difference! Ocean dwelling people of Pulau Hoga, Indonesia. Ngapali Beach, Myanmar The beautiful Ngapali Beach is located in western part of Myanmar, 7 kilometers away from Thandwe, about an hour’s flight from Yangon. This unspoilt beach stretches over 3 km. Ngapali Beach has its name not meaningful in Burmese but come from the Italian “Napoli". Ngapali is prime choice for beach lovers who dream about tranquility, white sand, thAndalusia, Spain. Andalusia route suggestion. Malaga, Cordoba, Seville....... Halong Bay cruise Vietnam. There are generally two types of Halong Bay Cruises which is the day cruise where you pay about VND30000-40000 for a 4-5 hour cruise and the famous Halong Bay Overnight Cruise which is anywhere from US$25 - US250 depending on the type of junk boat and service you require.Luxembourg-Gardens in Paris, FranceThe Port of Dartmouth’s Royal Regatta, UK Wandering around the harbour and streets, soaking up the atmosphere. See more picture of blogger's Dartmouth weekend on the link below. Singapore National Stadium is not only for football matches. It is a new modern stadium with integrated retail and shopping. There are free kids water park and outdoor sand court (for volleyball), climbing facilities, beautiful waterways and the skate park...... easily accessible on the BTS, MRT(Stadium MRT station)Lowa, USA Lowa is generally not flat, most of the state consists of rolling hills and this makes some roads quite scenic as below. The below scenic route(Great River Road) is from Lansing to Guttenberg. It is suggested that you stop by Pikes Peak State Park. This park boasts one of Iowa's most spectacular views across the Mississippi on the highest bluff along the riverZurich, Switzeland Anybody in the Zurich area, the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen are worth a stopover. The Rhine Falls are the largest plain waterfalls in Europe. You can enjoy waterfall by taking boat and there are playgrounds for kids and a cafe for a snack. If you park at the south side of the river, you have to do a bit of 15min walking from the car park to arrive r독일 아우토반에서의 드라이빙. 240km까지 밟아봤다고. 아우토반은 1932년에 쾰른과 본 사이의 연결을 시작으로 현재는 1만 1천 키로의 길이의 한국으로 치자면 고속도로임(속도 무제한!). 자세한 스토리는 링크에 Do you know How big India is? In terms of geographic size, the Indian subcontinent is similar in size as continental Europe. There are 28 states in India and 50 countries in Europe. In many ways, Indian states are like individual countries, with their own unique languages, attire, and cuisinesIntroducing Singapore Look at the information. Singapore is a small country(42km) but the story of Singapore is rich with twists, turns and triumphs. Many slices of Singapore’s multi-cultural, colonial and wartime past are preserved in and around the city.Marina Bay in Dubai A lovely place to go for an evening, restaurant, shopping, high rise buildings and luxury yachts floating up the canal....Philippines street food dictionary. NY USA The Brooklyn Bridge Promenade begins on the Brooklyn side at the intersection of Tillary St. and Adams Street. Look at the map below there are several subway stations and train lines that will get you close to the entrance on the Brooklyn side. Follow the link for more information.인천공항 샤워실 안내 여객터미널 환승편의시설 4층 동, 서편 허브라운지 옆, 탑승동 4층 중앙에 운영시간은 오전 07시부터 21시 30분까지 이용기는 링크에Hamburg, Germany One of the most popular parks in Hamburg is “Planten un Blomen”. Beside well presented plants and flowers, idyllic brooks and small lakes it also offers an interesting leisure and light entertainment program including games involving water cannons. The park is pleasant and tranquil with plenty of seating for those who want to relax. The admission is fre