Travelinter is for the interaction among backpackers and travelers. Users of Travelinter can share any sort of information by posting questions, answers, stories, photos, travel tips, travel advice, recommendations, informational links, etc...... You wouldn't need to go around to find travel information anymore. Sometimes a piece of information makes a big difference! Getting to Koh Samui by Train Catching a train to Koh Samui is a popular option and it is also possible to buy combination tickets, that includes a train trip to Phun Phin station in Surat Thani, followed by transfer to Don Sak Pier and then a ferry ride to Koh Samui. It is well worth taking this carefree option, since the overnight sleeper is way more comfortable than thCampo de’ Fiori Marekt in Rome, Italy A great starting point to see the “real” Rome and to breathe in its neighborhood life is Campo de’ Fiori, which translates to “field of flowers”. Campo de’ Fiori is more than just a famous square (or piazza) located not far from Piazza Navona and neighboring Piazza Farnese; it’s a place that remains very busy at every hour of the dayOpen House NYC Weekend Open House New York provides broad audiences with unparalleled access to the extraordinary architecture of New York and to the people who help design, build, and preserve the city. Architecture enthusiasts will want to set aside the weekend of October 17 and 18 for Open House NYC, a citywide event that opens the doors to NYC’s “most architecturallHalf Moon Bay California, USA Nice public beach but dogs are not allowed, lots of amenities as far as tables, grills, places to setup. Many people with volleyball nets, playing frisbee, flying kites......A unique surfing spot and highly skilled athletes tackling the waves. Great place to just go sit & watch the waves & surfers Accessible off Highway 1,Singapore large detailed map.Pizza time "Before the “modern” acceptation of pizza – originating in Naples, Italy – the Persians and the Egyptians baked a flat bread that would resemble an archaic pizza. The word first appeared in a 997 AD Gaetan writing. But the poet Virgilius quoted this food in the 1st century BC, naming it the “cake of flour”. Even before that, the Romans ate panis focacius, a flGraz, Austria After Vienna, Graz, the capital city of Styria, is the second largest city in Austria. Graz lies on the River Mur and has long been a popular stopover for tourists. Highlights include exploring its many historical buildings, particularly in the Old Town with its numerous Baroque façades. It is the epitome of a university town: in the 6 universities here,Valencia, Spain The Turia Gardens A garden covering 9 km and situated on the old bed of the River Turia. The pride of Valencia, the beautiful park on the banks of the city center. The ‘Turia’ Gardens were created at the end of the twentieth century due to the catastrophic flood of 1957, they diverted the river to a new artificial channel south of the city. This is a trMelaka, Malaysia Considered to be the ‘Venice of the East’ by early European mariners, the Melaka River stretches across a distance of 10 kilometres and winds its way from Dutch Square, cutting across the town of Melaka. Noteworthy attractions along the river include a series of bridges including the Ghostbridge of Melaka, the Chan Boon Cheng Bridge, the Old Market BridgIn Amsterdam, cyclists are the queens and kings of the city. Most of the country is flat, especially the area around Amsterdam and there’s special lanes everywhere. Cycling in Amsterdam is the most authentic way for any backpackers to see the city. Amsterdam is perfectly set up for cycling. If you’re a pedestrian, however, always look both sides before crossing the road aGdgdgdNew York, USA Facts and figures about NY. Did you know the capital of New York State is not New York City but Albany which has less than 1/80th the population of NYC! Singapore The Butterfly Garden in Singapore Airport is located in Terminal 3. It is Tthe world's first Butterfly Garden in an airport. There is a tropical butterfly habitat with a profusion of flowering plants. You can actually get quite close to the butterflies and see about 1,000 tropical butterflies from as many as 40 species Location Terminal 3 Departure TransitTioman Island, Malaysia Tioman Island, also known as Pulau Tioman, is a superb island located on the South East coast of Malaysia. Tioman has sites for swimming and snorkeling in the ocean. You can experience the beauty of the marine life of the ocean. Tioman has a port and the common ferry transporting firm operates between Tioman Island and Malaysia’s ports. 1903' Arabia and the Middle EastHawaii, USA Have you tried Spam Musubi? It is the local adaptation to the traditional “sushi” hybrid – made with crunchy SPAM! In Hawaii, the islanders had concocted a timelessly trendy sushi-licious treat featuring the species canned meat. Hawaii is the biggest consumer of SPAM of the country, and perhaps even of the world. Hawaiians love the stuff! Try the SPAM verHanoi Vietnam Situated in the centre of Hanoi close to the French Quarter, Maison Centrale was French built for housing Vietnamese political campaigners for independence and was completed in 1913. These campaigners were captured and usually shackled to the floor where they could easily be beaten by guards. Vietnamese prisoners were also executed here by use of a guillotin