Travelinter is for the interaction among backpackers and travelers. Users of Travelinter can share any sort of information by posting questions, answers, stories, photos, travel tips, travel advice, recommendations, informational links, etc...... You wouldn't need to go around to find travel information anymore. Sometimes a piece of information makes a big difference! 기차는 메트로카드만 가지고 있는다고 해서 되는 게 아니라 저렇게 표로 된 영수증을 가지고 있어야 해요. 역무원(?)이라고 해야하나요;; 표를 검사하면서 구멍을 뚫고 가져가요. 저게 없으면 무임승차로 벌금을 물게 돼요. 한인텔 주인 아주머니 말로는 100달러 정도 된다네요. 지하철은 그럴 필요 없이 마그네틱이 부착된 메트로 카드를 긁으면 돼요. 충전이 되므로, 일행에서 카드 하나만 있으면 됩니다. 불편한 점은... 관광객이여서 일회용 카드가 있으면 좋겠는데 없어요. 메트로 카드도 구매할때 비용이 나가요;;하....ㅠ 지하철을 타면 7호선을 타고 종착역으로 나가면 되어서 그게 오히려 시간은 오래걸려도 편해요. 기차는 1시간에 딱 2대인데 기차보Paradise in Palawan, PhilippinesTravel quote;The followings are answers for 'reasons Why Travelers Like Malaysia'. You agree? Intriguing islands Scattered across the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea, Malaysia has world’s best islands with a mix of white sand and turquoise shores. Malaysia has number of tropical islands that are famous globally like Penang and Langkawi. If you want some privacy while getting a tasIt does snow at the Snow City in Bangalore, India! An amusement park with the snow theme, it offers a variety of fun and exciting activities. Snow sliding, snowball competitions, climbing a snow mountain are some of the activities possible at the Snow City. Things you can do are as follows Slide on the Tall Snow Slides - Rubber Tubes Snow Rafting on the Tall People are not well aware of the fact that there is a zoo(Natura Artis Magistra) in Amsterdam. The name of the Zoo, Natura Artis Magistra, stands for a Latin phrase “Nature is the teacher of art and science”. Located in the city center of Amsterdam, it is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. The zoo was founded in 1838, near the centre of Amsterdam, the capital of the Net로마의 유적지를 따라 로마의 역사와 문화가 있는 재미있는 글 링크를 따라가세요 로마의 황금기인 오현제(五賢帝) 시대(96~180)와 팍스로마나(로마의 평화, 전쟁을 통한 영토 확장을 최소화하면서 오랜 평화를 누렸던 시기) 시대(B.C 27~180)를 거치며 로마는 세계 최강국의 지위를 누렸다. 제국의 영토는 최대였고, 이 시기 로마는 인구 100여만 명으로 세계 최대의 도시였다. 서기 235년 이후, 로마 제국은 40여 년간 20여 명의 황제가 암살되는 혼란의 시기를 거치며 쇠망의 길로 들어선다. 디오클레티아누스 황제가 사두(四頭) 정치로 제국의 위기를 막으려 했으나 쇠락의 추세를 멈추지 못했다 is a map of all the different camino routes - see if you can spot.Every year, Japan plays host to some fabulous winter festivals. One of the most famous is the Sapporo Winter Festival. Held every year in early February, this festival on the northern island of Hokkaido hosts intricate snow sculptures that are lit up at night. Other favorites include the Yokote Kamakura Festival held in honor of a water god and Ouchijuku Snow Festival. CValnecia from a plane.Laos has at least 49 ethnic groups and each of them preserves their own dialect, customs, culture and tradition. However, because over half the population are ethnic Lao (previously called Lao Loum) this is obviously the most dominant group in Laos and the one that most people encounter as the Laos culture. The rich culture of Laos is rooted in immense spirituality, as thMontefioralle, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. It is an ideal location from which to enjoy real Chianti country life. The village itself is virtually free of cars making it a wonderful place for children to run free. The ancient passageways, formerly the entrances to the castle, fascinate children (and adults, too) coming from abroad. Here the houses are mMindanao in the Philippines has a reputation for being dangerous. However, this region is also home to some beautiful destinations like Camiguin Island. Though some cities, such as Zamboanga, should be approached with caution, Mindanao is actually pretty safe as long as travelers use standard common sense. For more insight on traveling safely in Mindanao, check out the lEltz Castle in Wierschem, Germany Wikipedia says that construction on this castle began prior to 1157!. Photo by Flickr user Frizztext. Some of the suggested stop over; Gila River, Apache NF, San Juan Mountains, Collegiate Peak Wilderness, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Rocky Mountain NP, Teton Wilderness, Yellowstone NP, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Wild River Range, and Glacier NP, the Gila, San Juan’s, Rocky Mountain NP, Wild River, and Glacier NP........ It rains a lot in Burma. The most popular tourist season is the dry season between November and February. It's horribly hot between March and May, so definitely avoid going then, unless you're visiting a hill station. Temperatures can reach 40ºC in some places! Between July and September, the monsoon rains will try and drown the lands, making it extremely difficult to geWhen traveling, cultural sensitivity is a must. Dress code is a great example. If you dress in a culturally appropriate way and adhere to basic customs, not only will you be treating locals with respect but you will also enrich your own travel experience. When traveling in Morocco’s Marrakech (especially the Medina), knees, chests, and shoulders should be covered. Loos