Travelinter is for the interaction among backpackers and travelers. Users of Travelinter can share any sort of information by posting questions, answers, stories, photos, travel tips, travel advice, recommendations, informational links, etc...... You wouldn't need to go around to find travel information anymore. Sometimes a piece of information makes a big difference! The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix features a few unique twists -- like boozy brunches, big bands and free entry to two theme parks Every night the Grand Prix hosts a massive concert. Friday features electronic duo The Chemical Brothers. Saturday Lionel Richie performs his sing-along-friendly tunes. On Sunday, Rihanna takes to the stage, making the show the only Middle East date Why don't you experience these unique types of accommodations in Singapore; Rental villas, Serviced apartment If you are visiting Singapore as a big group of family or friends, you might not want to stay in different rooms in hotels, but would rather want to make the most of the time with your loved ones together in a home setting. What better accommodation can you find tKumano Kodo: walking Japan’s ancient Camino Autumn colours, hot springs, outstanding food and Japan's tallest waterfall make this ideal trekking season in Japan The 133m Nachi-no-Otaki – Japan’s highest waterfall – seen from Nachi Taisha grand shrine, at 133-meters high, is the biggest waterfall in Japan. The beautiful Kumano region in the southern reaches of the Kii PThe Reina Sofia is a modern art museum (National Museum and Art Center, Queen Sophia) featuring works from the 20th century, including an extensive collection of works by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí. The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía was designed as a modern complement to the historical Prado Museum. It was officially inaugurated by Queen Sofia in 1992. 언젠가는 이 크리스마스 마켓들을 모두 가고야 말터이니............. 겨울 한달 잡고 크리스마켓만 찾아 다녀도 괜찮은 여행이 될듯.Williamsburg Bridge in NYCA legendary Nihang Sikh Warrior and the story behind the warriors.Map of Vietnam for travelers. Visit the link. The blog give more information about evry destination on the map.17 quotes every New Yorker should live by. ,,,,,,, 5. “I love New York because within its borders you can travel the world.” —Dennis Gonzalez .........Boasting many modern marvels such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai is famous as an epicenter of luxury. However, remnants of the UAE’s traditional, pre-oil boom culture still remain. The Bastakiya Quarter is a small neighborhood where cloth and pearl traders once gathered. The old buildings and winding streets have been lovingly restored and are now home to charming cafés, galJakarta, IndonesiaThe state of Himachal Pradesh is spread over an area 55,673 km² and is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Punjab on the southwest, Haryana on the south, Uttarakhand on the southeast and Tibet on the east. Himachal is a mountainous region, rich in its natural resources. Rome Tourist attractionsBooklovers in Dublin absolutely cannot miss out on Trinity College. This historic university is home to the Book of Kells, a 9th century medieval manuscript containing a magnificently decorated edition the four Gospels in Latin. It is not known exactly where the book was created. However, it is known that the Book of Kells resided at Kells Abbey during most of the MediTraveling with kids can be stressful. However, it’s still possible. This blogger recommends Malaysia for families. Prices are low, baby supplies are easy to come by, and the people are friendly and accommodating to children. There are also great attractions for kids such as Legoland Malaysia, Hello Kitty Town, and Sunway Lagoon. There are also hotel recommendations for f스페인 고속버스, 한국과 다른 점 몇 가지....라고 하는데 언제나 다 그랬던거 같지는 않고......특히 신분증은 반드시 있어야 하는거 같진 얺던데...하여튼 참고 삼아 링크 걸어둔다 1. 스페인 고속버스 터미널 플랫폼에는 앉아서 기다릴 의자가 없습니다. 2. 스페인 버스표와 신분증을 반드시 가지고 버스에 오릅니다. 3. 스페인 버스는 비행기 같은 느낌이 드는 안전 수칙 안내와 비상 약품, 방화제가 명백하게 승객의 시야에 있었습니다. 4. 버스 기사는 매 2시간마다 의무적으로 휴식을 취합니다. 5. 2016년 9월 현재, 기타 시설이 많이 업그레이드되었습니다. .....................The Ferris Wheel at Tibidabo spins over Barcelona.