Travelinter is for the interaction among backpackers and travelers. Users of Travelinter can share any sort of information by posting questions, answers, stories, photos, travel tips, travel advice, recommendations, informational links, etc...... You wouldn't need to go around to find travel information anymore. Sometimes a piece of information makes a big difference! Hua Hin is situated about 200kms south of Bangkok on the west coast of Thailand and is becoming a popular beach side holiday destination. If you love going to a beach, Hua Hin will not disappoint you. There are several excellent beaches in Hua Hin area and within a 2 hours drive. You can have a very good time or just relax at one of 5 amazing beaches between Hua Hin and PHere is a top list for Florence Top 10 Sights and Attractions 1. The huge DUOMO and the views from its dome. 2. The extraordinary collection of the Uffizi Gallery. 3. Michelangelo's famous David in the Accademia Gallery. 4. The outstanding Renaissance paintings inside Palazzo Pitti. 5. The medieval PONTE VECCHIO lined with shops. 6. The monumental PIAZZA DELLA SIGExperience the mountains up close! Swiss Postbus Pass offers an opportunity to explore the Central Alps. On your journey via PostBus you will wind your way up mountains, through passes and tunnels, the Swiss National Park and many splendid valleys. You will see medieval villages, UNESCO World Heritage sights, castles, ski resorts, glaciers and glistening lakes. Leave tMuai Thai is Thailand’s national sport. This brutal, mesmerizing branch of boxing has been practiced in Thailand for hundreds of years and attracts locals and tourists alike. Bangkok’s Lumpinee Stadium is one of the most tourist-friendly and accessible places to watch Muai Thai. Fights are scheduled on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 6:00 PM. For more information aboThis is really good information. The secret garden on the map means small and tiny parks and gardens in London. Just stop by when you need some rest. Italy’s Amalfi Coast is one of the most stunning regions in the Mediterranean. Cerulean waters, sheer cliffs, and colorful villages inspire awe in even the most seasoned travelers. Whether roaming the fashionable streets of Positano or hiring a boat for a day at sea, there’s something here for everyone. To make the most of your Amalfi Coast vacation, check out this list Ching's Pond Have you ever been cliff jumping? Water Temperature Averages Winter 72.1°F Spring 74.9°F Summer 76.1°F Fall 75.6°F About 8/10 mile past mile marker 16 on the Hana Highway, a bridge crosses Palauhulu stream (the same stream that empties into the ocean at Ke'anae Peninsula below). Beneath the bridge is a series of pristine (sapphire) pools that you wo스페인의 야간 열차(국내, 국제) 리스트다 유레일 페이지에서 가져왔다 야간 열차보다는 주간 열차를 선호하지만 때에 따라 야간 열차도 좋은 옵션이 된다. 스페인의 국제 야간 열차 아래 야간열차들은 스페인과 프랑스, 룩셈부르크, 포르투갈, 스위스를 연결합니다. 인터시테 드 뉘(InterCités de Nuit): 포르부-툴루즈-파리(프랑스) 포르부-몽펠리에-낭시-룩셈부르크(룩셈부르크) 포르부-몽펠리에-스트라스부르(프랑스) 이룬(Irún)-루르데-파리(프랑스) 이룬(Irún)-보르도-마르세이유-니스(프랑스) 이룬(Irún)-툴루즈-리옹-제네바(스위스) 트렌호텔(TrenhotelName used for Laos Lao - used by Lao people (the 's' is dropped in Lao language) Laos - Short form and commonly used in general Lao PDR (Lao People's Democratic Republic) - Formal FYI The Ajanta & Ellora Caves The caves are located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, near Jalgaon. They are considered to be the finest Buddhist masterpieces and the greatest Buddhist architecture and art creation. The Ajanta and Ellora Caves are famous for the fact that they were cut and constructed by hands. The caves were built in two phases starting around the 2nd cGrab a bicycle and explore the city. Want to really see Houston? Grab a bike, because a pair of wheels is one of the best ways to experience H-Town these days. Even if you don’t have a bike, the Houston B-Cycle service makes getting around a breeze. With more than two-dozen stations located in Downtown, Montrose, Midtown, The Heights and the Museum District, riders canWhy don't you stop by a small town in Castellon, Spain! Morella, liberated from the Moors by Jaime I in the 13th century, is an ancient walled city found in the province of Castellon. The old town can be entered through the huge stone Sant Miguel gates and inside iIt is lovely just strolling round the narrow streets and steep alleys of Morella Architecture and history arThe Desert Botanical Garden offers the world's finest collection of arid plants from deserts of the world in a unique outdoor setting. This gorgeous 50-acre desert garden features a fantastic variety of arid plants, from towering saguaros to delicate blooms. Each Thursdays and Saturday during the summer months you can explore the garden’s winding trails on Flashlight TouMarina Bay Sands Photo by @FatTonyBMXThe Chao Anouvong Park is a beautiful park of the city of Vientiane, Laos, located in the heart of the city, next to the banks of the Mekong River and the Presidential Palace in Vientiane. Chao Anouvong is a Green Park suitable for walks, sport, do some shopping, and admire the majestic statue of the King Chao Anouvong. Chao Anouvong Park was built in the year 2010 to honHistory Lesson. Visiting Honolulu would not be complete without a visit to Pearl Harbor, where the infamous Japanese attack in December 1941 killed 2,403 people and forced the U.S. to enter WWII. Pearl Harbor is a National Historic Landmark and also an active military base. Organized tours will take you to important sites such as the battleship the USS Missouri, the sit기차는 메트로카드만 가지고 있는다고 해서 되는 게 아니라 저렇게 표로 된 영수증을 가지고 있어야 해요. 역무원(?)이라고 해야하나요;; 표를 검사하면서 구멍을 뚫고 가져가요. 저게 없으면 무임승차로 벌금을 물게 돼요. 한인텔 주인 아주머니 말로는 100달러 정도 된다네요. 지하철은 그럴 필요 없이 마그네틱이 부착된 메트로 카드를 긁으면 돼요. 충전이 되므로, 일행에서 카드 하나만 있으면 됩니다. 불편한 점은... 관광객이여서 일회용 카드가 있으면 좋겠는데 없어요. 메트로 카드도 구매할때 비용이 나가요;;하....ㅠ 지하철을 타면 7호선을 타고 종착역으로 나가면 되어서 그게 오히려 시간은 오래걸려도 편해요. 기차는 1시간에 딱 2대인데 기차보