Travelinter is for the interaction among backpackers and travelers. Users of Travelinter can share any sort of information by posting questions, answers, stories, photos, travel tips, travel advice, recommendations, informational links, etc...... You wouldn't need to go around to find travel information anymore. Sometimes a piece of information makes a big difference! Tokyo is a really busy city, but it doesn't look like that in this video, calm and peacefulHello from a cow in a market in India.Patong, ThailandHallstatt, AustriaInteresting facts about famous buildings in NYC!Taman Negara National Park Apart from the tourist resorts, theme parks and cities, the natural beauty of Malaysia is legendary. One place favored by tourists is the Taman Negara National Park. Taman Negara is Malaysia's largest National Park. It's the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. You can pay it a visit, but you have to buy a permit. In this National Park (4,Best way to get to Chamonix If you are travelling from outside of France, then flying into Geneva is the quickest way to get to Chamonix and then hiring a car from the airport is the quickest way to get to here after that. Geneva has a great choice of airlines offering good value on flights all year round. You can also get the Eurostar or fast TGV trains to Paris or LOpened in 1931, the superb Prague Zoo is not only one of the top attractions in the city, it also ranks among the world's top 10 zoological parks (based on visitor reviews). There are 10 kilometers of routes for you to enjoy. Prague Zoo is located in the Troja suburbs just a short distance north of the city center, in the Praha Troja municipal district. Its address is UUS Route 89 is a slow road, just two lanes for most its 1800 miles from Canada to Mexico US Route 89 traverses three broad geographic segment as below Basin & Range, Colorado Plateau Rocky Mountains. Visit the link for more information about the each segment. Old Market in Delhi, IndiaThe history of Las Vegas is linked to the legalization of gambling in the state of Nevada in 1931. The city took off in the 1950s with influences from organized crime and wealthy investors, however its greatest expansion has been in the 2000s. In 2014 there were more than 2 million people in urban Las Vegas. Las Vegas is also known as Vegas, Sin City and the EntertaAmalfi Coast is a lesser known but beautiful place. Sorrento is a common base for visiting the Amalfi Coast. It is easily accessible from Naples by train or bus. From Sorrento you can take an exhilarating bus ride along the the steep twists and turns of the coast line past cantilevered classic architecture. It may be worthwhile to invest the extra money for a private dSkiing in Zermatt Zermatt is a picturesque mountain village at the foot of the majestic Materhorn. Considered one of Switzerland's most popular winter resorts, Zermatt embraces three skiing areas, which enjoy superb snow conditions and the longest skiing seasonTransit Map for Utrecht, The NetherlandsIreland Greenway Cycle trail mapJust two years before Charles Darwin published his famous work, 'The Origin of Species', the Natural History Museum in Merrion Street was opened to the public for the first time in 1857. Now, as then, it educates and inspires, leaving us feeling small and humbled amidst the vast and wondrous diversity of life on display. This museum is famous for its Victorian cabinet Saigon View from Bitexco financial tower