Travelinter is for the interaction among backpackers and travelers. Users of Travelinter can share any sort of information by posting questions, answers, stories, photos, travel tips, travel advice, recommendations, informational links, etc...... You wouldn't need to go around to find travel information anymore. Sometimes a piece of information makes a big difference! How Long do I Need to Drive the Pacific Coast Highway? Nice blog, follow the link for more travel tips and stories about every stop they made along the way! This will entirely depend on how much time you have and what you want to do and see along the way. Note that distances in California can be quite greater than what many people are used to and things move more slowlSainte-Chapelle(Line 4, station Cité)! FREE ADMISSION *Under 18 (with family and excluding school groups) - 18-25 (citizens of the 27 countries of the European Union and non-European residents regularly resident in France) - Disabled people and their attendant - Jobseekers, on presentation of a jobseeker's certificate dated within the last 6 months. ICOM Card holder.FBeautiful Prague in winter.Devon, UKThe Book of Kells is the centrepiece of an exhibition which attracts over 500,000 visitors to Trinity College in Dublin City each year. Written around the year 800 AD, the Book of Kells contains a richly decorated copy of the four gospels in a latin text, based on the Vulgate edition (completed by St. Jerome in 384 AD). The gospels are preceded by prefaces, summaries of Chiang Mai's Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon. Maybe not as spectacular as the United States version, but definitely impressive enough to visit when you’re exploring (northern) Thailand. When you’re making a stop in Chiang Mai, this one can’t be missed. This quarry is a little oasis, about 20k from the city center of Chiangers. Perfect for a cool down afternoon trip in the hMuseo Cerralbo Located just off plaza Espana you will find the mansion museum. Filled with art, Venetian glass chandeliers and beautiful pieces of furniture. This is Madrid's version of the city house of the Crawleys from Downton Abbey. Built in the 1880s, it is the city house of a very prominent noble family of Spain. You have to check your bag in a free locker and phYou miss your dogs? Go to Central park. The park is dog-friendly. The Central Park Conservancy, the group that manages and maintains Central Park, says there are 23 dog-friendly areas around the park. In addition, there are 21 dog fountains throughout the park, with plans to build more. According to park rules, dogs can run off-leash before 9:00 a.m. and after 9:00 p.mThe stunning Victorian Crystal Palace Subway, in south London, was built almost 150 years ago but has been closed to passengers since 1954. The Crystal Palace subway is a beautifully designed and crafted relic of Victorian construction hidden under the A212 at Crystal Palace Parade, The Friends of Crystal Palace group have helped raise more than £50,000 and secured plannLittle India in Singapore인터라켄에서 패러글라이딩 하실분 스위스에서 패러 글라이딩은 한번 해 볼만하지요 패러글라이딩은 비행시간 15~20분이지만 이동하고 뭐하고 하면 총 2시간정도 걸려요 ~Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad There was mining in Silverton until 1991. Today, the train, now named the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, carries people taking an excursion to Silverton as well as outdoor lovers wanting to access the remote canyon on the west side of the river for ziplining, camping and river rafting.Moalboal located at the western side of Cebu, powdery and cream sand with clear blue waters.Dubai skyscrapers and fogLarge Beguinage Mechelen, Ghent Beguines are women who could not or did not want to enter a convent, but lived together as a community to support themselves. The charming narrow streets of the beguinage are an oasis of peace and a wonderful place for a quiet stroll. Its typical Flemish character and unusual architecture ensured the Large Beguinage of a place on UNESCO'sGetting into Mount Rainier National Park Salzburg, Austria