Travelinter is for the interaction among backpackers and travelers. Users of Travelinter can share any sort of information by posting questions, answers, stories, photos, travel tips, travel advice, recommendations, informational links, etc...... You wouldn't need to go around to find travel information anymore. Sometimes a piece of information makes a big difference! Just over an hour’s drive from Salzburg, the trip along this 48-kilometre-long marvel of engineering offers visitors a memorable day or overnight excursion. Named after Austria's highest peak, the Grossglockner, this pathway has been an important, yet notoriously challenging trade route. The 48 km road has 36 hairpin turns that lead to a spectacular view of the 3,798 m (No idea why New Yorkers speak like this but here are 21 things New Yorkers say and what they really mean. Are they all downright liars? 21. “I’m seriously considering moving to Portland.” = “I’m never leaving New York.” 2. “If you don’t drive this cab to Queens, I will report you.” = “I’m about to get out of this cab, grab another and completely forget about this.” Madrid is considered as the city that never sleeps. Nightlife in Madrid is amazing. Typical night starts with a dinner late at night around 09.00-10.00 pm. and then people flock to the outdoor cafes, bars and nightclubs of the city. The nightclubs remain open till dawn. The pedestrian precinct from Huertas Street to Plaza de Santa Ana is one of the liveliest region of MadFuji-san and Shinkansen. I don't have any idea of this unique photogenic place but worth lying in ambush for a shot.Sunsets in Goa are a treat to your eyes. Photo from Goa Tourism.liveliest commercial street, medieval rue Mouffetard in the Latin Quarter. One of the liveliest neighborhoods, starting from the Seine opposite Ile de la Cite and the Notre Dame on the Left Bank. Many main sights are located here, including the Pantheon. The litle streets behind it are full of restaurants, cafés and bars, many open around the clock. Rue Mouffetard is famo어쩌면 일본은 유럽의 그 어느나라보다도 철도가 발전한 나라인지도 모르다. 도쿄에서는 지하철 타기도 쉽지 않다고 하는 사람도 많다. 역도 많고 노선도 많지만 운행하는 회사도 노선마다 틀리고 운행 방식도 조금씩 차이가 있고...... 일본 철도 회사들이 주식 시장에 상장되어 있다는 사실은 링크를 통해 처음 알았다. 링크를 따라가면 이들 회사들이 철도와 철도 노선을 활용하여 어떻게 운영하는지 여러 이야기들이 있다. 동물원과 테마파크를 철도와 같이 연계하는등 여러가지 아이디어들이 재미있다 그러나 대부분이 유통업을 주요 연계 대상으로 하는거 같다. 분당 서현역이 생각난다. 서현역도 일본에서 이렇게 넘어왔나 보다. 서울역에도 갤러리아가 있다가 망해서 나가고 지금은 롯데마트Napoli Sottoranea (Naples Underground) Naples is a city of exceptional beauty, a city of art, but few know the underground reality of the city. Underneath modern Naples is an 80-kilometer-long labyrinth of caves hidden, which lies up to 40 meters underground. It’s the heart of Naples, and the place from which the city was born. To visit it is to travel to the past, a worlAguinid Falls in Cebu. Cebu is one of most popular destinations many tourists are eager to visit. It is located in the Central Visayas region which is composed of Cebu Island and another 150 smaller islands and islets. If you visit Cebu don't forget Aguinid Fall. the fall is tucked in the beautiful town of Samboan in the South of Cebu and it has 8 levels of cascading wateHere is Phuket. Dives sites distance and beach location informationYou can find 20 things to do In ParisThe Last Bookstore in LA This bookshop is a creative tour-de-force of book stacking, with various unique ways of presenting the huge range of new and used books and records. Subway: the Pershing Square station., Metro Red/Purple Line UPCOMING EVENTS 06/15/2017 MARK AS SPAM: THE EMAIL GAME SHOW 7:30 p.m. 06/16/2017 SO MUCH I WANT TO TELL YOU BY ANNA AKANA 7:30 p.m. Foggy Night, Huntington Hotel, San Francisco, Photo by Fred Lyon, 1958The main City walk takes in eleven significant trees found within a two-mile route of St Paul’s Cathedral and also incorporates sites of historical importance such as the London City Wall, the Barbican, Smithfields Market, the Old Bailey, Cheapside, Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. This walk should take you roughly one hour, however if you are pushed for tiPhang Nga Bay Phang Nga Bay is a large bay in the Andaman Sea, located on the west sea border with a coastline along the coast of Phuket, Phang Nga, and Krabi provinces.The Tank Museum is situated in South Dorset, the world's best collection of tank, the history of tanks and tank crew to life… supported by the world’s best collection of tanks & action packed live displays. The unique collection of over 300 vehicles is regarded as the best in the world and includes the world's first ever tank. The museum also offers services for schools Province of Ragusa, Sicily, Italy